Unfortunately we lost contact with the first two artists who created Danielle The Girl From New York. Back in 1992 when I first wrote the story in Georgetown, Guyana 🇬🇾 a gentleman name Andrew did a cover and illustrations. I got ill and lost both. The second one who did the cover for the paperback and the illustrations. I met them on Fiverr but they left after they completed the project.

Today you are in for a treat because you are about to meet the artist who did the Manga version and Webtoon.

Meet Muhammad Fahmi Hidayat, born in Wawotobi, August 26, 1998. This freelance illustrator and comic artist is happy to get his books messy in school with his work. He really like comics and anime. His career started to pursue the world of illustration and comics since high school until now.

Original Manga Drawing by Muhammad

We will let our other artists introduce himself. Until we get him over his camera shyness we will just put pictures of his art work. My name is Abhyudaya Agrawal, I started to illustrate 2 years ago when I was 18 years old just as
a hobby, to keep myself busy. I first started to draw in traditional way and switched to digital
illustration just to improve myself. I can do many styles in art but I mostly love the anime/manga style. I also do video editing and animation.

Ending Panel of our Webtoon by Abhyudaya

We welcome them to our team and thank them for the work they have done so far. Both can be found on Fiverr.

Enjoy our Webtoon here.

Announcing our new voice talent Kenlyn B. Miller

Finding the right talent for an audiobook project can sometimes be difficult. That wasn’t the case for Auntie, I Don’t Want You To Get Married. Kenlyn approached us on Instagram. On our home page you can hear her reading the first 3 minutes of Auntie, I Don’t Want You To Get Married.

Here’s a little background on Kenlyn B. Miller.
At the tender age of 12, Kenlyn found her calling for voice-over work when she nailed her first commercial after one take while training at The Barbizon International School for Modeling and Acting. She also attended and graduated from the prestigious Fiorello H. LaGuardia “Fame” High School with a major in music.

Although Kenlyn would be considered a “newbie” to the voice-over industry, her professional development includes recording background vocals on a gospel album in both English and Spanish. As a teacher, Kenlyn utilizes her vocal talents to create narratives to teach first graders and to engage students with special needs that she works with one-to-one.
Kenlyn’s desire is to inspire, empower, and influence both children and adults with her voice.

Because we don’t believe in hoarding treasures, please feel free to reach out to her for any projects you might have. We are already looking for ways to utilize her skills in the future.

Contact Her
Email: ​