UK and US Promo Codes Available For New Audiobook Who Owns Your Mind: Accurate Thinking Revealed

cover of audiobook Who Own's Your Mind: Accurate Thinking Revealed Narrator Ma'li Logan Written by Clarence N M Coggins

Who Owns Your Mind: Accurate Thinking Revealed written by Clarence N M Coggins was narrated by Ma’li Logan had been released on Audible.

The book 📕 is the second in the Success Mindset Trilogy which examines how to develop an unlimited mindset. This book was written for young people, professionals, self employed business people, network marketers and career minded individual seeking to get more out of life by understanding how to determine the true from the false in modern living.

The series is so powerful it spawned a webinar called The 3 Secret Keys to Unlocking Unlimited Mindsets. This is where the concepts of the books are elaborated on and connected. To learn more about the next webinar visit

To celebrate 🎉 this milestone we are giving away a limited number of Promo codes for free access to the Audiobook Who Owns Your Mind: Accurate Thinking Revealed. If you are interested in receiving one fill in the form below. This is limited to people with US or UK Audible Accounts.


If you want to listen to a sample you can visit the list below.


Auntie I Don’t Want You To Get Married

Danielle is a young girl who travels from New York City to Georgetown Guyana to visit family for the first time. When she gets there she has all types of adventures. Paperback English 36 pages ISBN-13 978-0578721781 3.2 Oz dimensions 8.5×0.09×11 in.

6 Magic Cans of Happiness 2

The fun continuation of the 6 Magic Cans of Happiness arc. We left off in the last book with Danielle learning of the Midas Touch and the 7-1-1-1 Rule. But we don’t know what the 6 magic cans are, what they mean, or how the they are used.

PreOrder Larry Sage and The Coons of Queens by Clarence N M Coggins and AI

AI is here and we are dividing into the new technology head first. Using a combination of text and visual AI technologies, Clarence has created a new world for his latest series. The project is LARRY SAGE AND THE COONS OF QUEENS.

Calling all animal lovers and adventurers! Join Larry and Katya on an unforgettable journey through the secret world of anthropomorphized animals living in Queens, New York. From white-tailed deer to opossums, squirrels to skunks, these creatures offer a unique opportunity to explore the complex relationships between animals and their intricate social hierarchies. But be warned, danger lurks in the shadows – the Coons and the Sums are at war! It’s up to Larry and Katya to uncover the truth and restore peace to the animal kingdom. Join Larry and Katya on their quest to save the Coons of Queens. PreOrder Larry Sage and The Coons of Queens now.

New NFT Launched Based on Danielle The Girl From New York

Loving Auntie is the first item of a collection based on Danielle the Girl From New York brand. It centers around converting the original illustrations into high quality NFTs. The collection will also include illustrations from the series Clarence the Cabbie Confidential.

We look forward to seeing you participation.

As 6 Magic Cans of Happiness 2 is About to be Released Preview of 6 Magic Cans of Happiness Act 3 Artwork Revealed

October 31, 2021 is the release date of 6 Magic Cans of Happiness 2: Danielle The Girl From NY. Initial reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. This is just a few days after the winners of the 2021 Annual Global Coloring Contest. It is also in time to be ordered and used in the 2022 Contest.

Work has already started on the final installment of the 6 Magic Cans arc, 6 Magic Cans of Happiness Act 3. To start the preorder process for this next release we are sharing some of the concept cover art. Let us know which is the better concept.

cover 1
cover 2

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Here Are The Winners

Even with all the challenges of 2021 we are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Annual Global Coloring Contest. The book which was used was 6 Magic Cans of Happiness: Danielle the Girl From NY. Both the paperback and Kindle were eligible to be used. Both contestants used the paperback.

First Place Winner

The winning submission by Remy Feng Age 9 of Hong Kong
The winning submission by Remy Feng Age 9 of Hong Kong

Second Place Winner

Second Place Winner Ky-mani Taylor age 13 years old from Bronx New York.
Second Place Winner Ky-mani Taylor age 13 years old from Bronx New York.

Awards will be issued Monday. The Third Place Prize will be distributed between the two of them evenly.

We want to thank everyone who participated and let everyone know that we have started accepting applications for the next Annual contest. This time both 6 Magic Cans of Happiness and 6 Magic Cans of Happiness 2 will be the source material.

What Judges Had To Say

The 1st Place Winner

Demetrius Eley
Demetrius Eley is the cofounder of Daraja of Love Inc. A social service organization that provides services and outreach globally with a Motto of bridging the gap! Demetrius is also the assistant state director for Blexit Nj chapter which is another Community based organization focused on improving the Quality of life for those in the inner cities! Last but not least Demetrius is a Newark City school teacher specializing in prekindergarten through 3rd grade learning! He is a graduate of Bloomfield College class of 2004 with a degree in psychology. He is a tireless advocate for the family unit and the community at large!

First off let me say it was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the selection process.  I wanted to be sure that I didn’t miss anything so I called in a ringer, my 8 year daughter who loves all things art and color. 
The first picture was very beautiful. We loved the way the contestant uses different colors inside the thought bubble. I also enjoyed the way the contestant used different colors to create a floral pattern on the table cloth, which was very creative.  Lastly we felt the colors used on the family at the table and the backdrop are very strong. 

Joy Monique

Great job artists but number 1 is the winner! The additional details of the tablecloth and scenic kitchen view were captivating. This is a step above coloring and flows into artistry. The family looks like they are cultured and possibly Latino. The artist even put thought into a wristband for dad and collar for mom’s top. This is a beautiful coloring and I hope to see more from them in the future! 

Sherrel Campbell

Morning! I chose this one. Love the added details and the care took in designing the table cloth. The choice of colors are chosen with care.

The2nd Place Winner

Demetrius Eley

The 2nd picture is also very beautiful. I love the colors that were chosen, green, yellow, blue and Brown. We also love how the child decided to allow the colors to flow freely meaning yellow lamp, yellow pillow, yellow headboard, really lets me know that the child likes to match colors, something my daughter really enjoys also.  Likewise, for the color blue, the bed spreads and the curtains match each other. I believe that this child has paid close attention to the detail, maybe in their own house, to recreate this masterpiece.
With great consideration me and my worthy assistant have decided that picture 1 would be our winner.  Both pictures were top notch and both contestants and their families should be very proud!

Joy Monique

This page seems to be a younger artist. I really like the coordination of curtains matching the cover and sheets and the yellow with the headboard, pillowcase and lamp. Nice wood floors also! Pretty 😍 I would have liked to see more items colored in so it didn’t feel incomplete but maybe that was intentional. I’m not sure. 🤔 I am hopeful that they continue working on their artistic skills and continue to grow. This is a great start though. Keep coordinating! Green is my son’s favorite color. 

Sherrel Campbell

Love her choice of colors and you can tell that she took care in coloring because she stayed within the lines.

2021 Winners of the Annual Global Coloring Contest to be Announced

After months of letting people know about our global coloring contest the judges are rapidly wrapping up their final comments. The winners have already been contacted and asked how they would like to receive their prizes. At stake was $100 for First Place , $50 for Second Place and $25 Third Place.

The prizes this year will be distributed in the form of CashApp and Amazon Gift Cards. The winners and their artwork will be posted in a few days. We have already opened the process for accepting applications and entries for the 2022 Contest. You can enter and get more information at

First Prize $100 Second Prize $50 Third Prize

6 Magic Cans of Happiness Releases New Promotional Video

This video was done by Shaina Javed from Pakistan 🇵🇰. We found her on Fiverr. She also worked on our first video.

Here’s the credit for the music used. Kara Square is the artist. The song is Where The Moon Shines Bright, courtesy of

Kara Square is the artist, the song is Where the moon shines bright, courtesy of