Danielle The Girl From New York

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Danielle The Girl From NY 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
Danielle The Girl From NY
The main character Danielle is worried about her auntie getting married. She expresses this concern to her. This comes to a surprise for her Auntie who thought she liked her uncle. After much discussion Danielle reveals the reason for not wanting her Auntie to not marry her Uncle. A wonderful book and learning opportunity for children to know that’s okay to express our feelings and talk about them to adults.
Danielle The Girl From NY
I was really touched by this book! Danielle is a very sweet little girl who loves her family; as she does all that is possible not to let change mess up her family. I found her Auntie to be very loving and genuinely concerned about how to care for a young girl growing up with such emotions. This book should be required reading for all. Clarence is a friend of mine. I was so glad to read the draft. This production goes well beyond my expectations. In fact, the ending will be to readers, the calming effect we deserve. The author's amazing compassion for all shows in this magnificent book.