PreOrder Larry Sage and The Coons of Queens by Clarence N M Coggins and AI

AI is here and we are dividing into the new technology head first. Using a combination of text and visual AI technologies, Clarence has created a new world for his latest series. The project is LARRY SAGE AND THE COONS OF QUEENS.

Calling all animal lovers and adventurers! Join Larry and Katya on an unforgettable journey through the secret world of anthropomorphized animals living in Queens, New York. From white-tailed deer to opossums, squirrels to skunks, these creatures offer a unique opportunity to explore the complex relationships between animals and their intricate social hierarchies. But be warned, danger lurks in the shadows – the Coons and the Sums are at war! It’s up to Larry and Katya to uncover the truth and restore peace to the animal kingdom. Join Larry and Katya on their quest to save the Coons of Queens. PreOrder Larry Sage and The Coons of Queens now.