About The Founder And Author

Clarence Coggins is the author of the new multicultural illustrated children’s series, Danielle, the Girl from New York. The first book in the series, Auntie I Don’t Want You to Get Married, follows Danielle as she visits her Auntie Julia in Georgetown, Guyana. Danielle struggles with Julia’s upcoming wedding as she is worried that her Auntie being married will affect their time together. The second book in the series, Six Magic Cans of Happiness, is scheduled to be released in early 2021. 

Clarence the Cabbie Confidential is another series he has in production. The first installment is Mommy Be So Mean She Takes My Money.

Clarence uses his passion for writing and communicating to teach young children valuable life lessons through story. 

Clarence is also a radio and television personality, coach and trainer. He graduated with his B.A. in Economics from Kean University in New Jersey and has previously worked as a High School Computer Science Teacher, a computer technician, and at H&R Block. Throughout his life, Clarence has struggled with low self-esteem, homelessness, and incarceration. All of these feelings and events motivated him to make a change. He found himself looking for ways to better his life and the lives of those around him.

Often, Clarence looked on the internet for possible solutions. He spent years experimenting, learning, and growing. Clarence has now found his passion which is network marketing and uses his skills and knowledge to help others also find that same passion and success. He creates digital products and hosts offline events to help you get your message to the masses.