6 Magic Cans of Happiness Releases New Promotional Video

This video was done by Shaina Javed from Pakistan 🇵🇰. We found her on Fiverr. She also worked on our first video.

Here’s the credit for the music used. Kara Square is the artist. The song is Where The Moon Shines Bright, courtesy of dig.ccmixter.org

Kara Square is the artist, the song is Where the moon shines bright, courtesy of dig.ccmixter.org

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To reach our goal of entertaining millions of children worldwide we are giving away 100 copies of 6 Magic Cans of Happiness ebook. This is the second book in the series Danielle The Girl From New York. It takes a look at how to budget your money.

This story is a two part story. The second part should be out in July 2021. We will let you help us with the cover selection.

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6 Magic Cans of Happiness by Clarence Coggins

6 Magic Cans of Happiness

by Clarence Coggins

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Few Days Before Released Familiar Talents Return

April 1, 2021 is the release date of 6 Magic Cans of Happiness: Danielle the Girl From New York. The second book in the series has stylistic changes which will appeal both to children and their parents. To do the illustrations, the duo of Mawii & Mali have been tapped. They were the shot list and storyboard creators for Clarence the Cabbie Confidential: Mommy Be So Mean She Takes My Money.

Paul, Danielle’s Stepdad
Shannah, Danielle’s mom